A Journey of Thoughts by Manuel Sosa

The following is a post on behalf of Manuel Sosa, currently incarcerated in NYS, if you would like to support him you can do so using JPay #18A0010.

A Journey of Thoughts

Prison a world of unpredictability

Navigating through an uncertain journey

Bestowed on us, against our will

Losing pieces of ourselves

In an effort to retain the sanity.

A dark world

Where light is only visible

When it seeps

Through the cracks

Of an unseeable sky.

Giving up…

Not an option

When the existence of the self

Hangs from a single thread

That threatens on breaking.

A purgatory

Of living souls

Whom silently long

For those they left behind

Soo close… yet… soo far.

Long restless nights

Where the thoughts

Turn into

Angry demons

That torment

The mind.

Life passes

In front of us

Like a gust of wind

Dancing slowly

As the youth dissipates

Into oblivion…

The weeks,

The months,

The years,

All come and go

Forgotten in a single word,


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